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2018 Fall Expansion Quick Facts

This fall semester, we are proud to announce three expansions to the Lambda Chi Alpha family. Our staff members work diligently throughout the semester to provide new members of each expansion with quality support and guidance. Let’s meet our expansion teams and host campuses:

Photo courtesy of Illinois State University.

Illinois State University 

Led by: Brett Turner, Recruitment Specialist

Assisted by: Walker Rose, Educational Leadership Consultant and Jimmy Phillips, Educational Leadership Consultant

Location: Normal, Illinois

Size of campus (undergraduates): 18,330 (as of Fall 2016)

Mascot: Reggie Redbird

Fun Fact: “Illinois State’s Gamma Phi Circus dates to 1926, and is the oldest collegiate circus in the United States and one of only two still in existence.”

What our staff has to say: “I’m looking forward to bringing Lambda Chi back to Illinois State. This is my first expansion in which we have existed on the campus before, so it will be unique to work with an already established Zeta. Illinois State has a thriving Fraternity and Sorority Life community. We will have an exciting opportunity to cater to students that have not yet found their home in a fraternity on campus.”-Brett Turner


Photo courtesy of Appalachian State University.

Appalachian State University 

Led by: Nathan Schultz, Senior Educational Leadership Consultant

Assisted by: Trevor Nicholas, Educational Leadership Consultant

Location: Boone, North Carolina

Size of campus (undergraduates): 17,017 (as of Fall 2017)

Mascot: Yosef, the Mountaineer

Fun Fact: There is a ski mountain located 15 minutes from campus.

What our staff has to say: “I am excited to start something new, something fresh, something that will contribute to the community and provides home to motivated young men who wish to join a true brotherhood, and become leaders all across the world. I want to start something that is exclusively inclusive, a legacy. I am excited to start a Lambda Chi Alpha colony.”-Nathan Schultz


Photo courtesy of The College of William & Mary.

The College of Willam & Mary

Led by: Jonathan Gottwald, Senior Educational Leadership Consultant

Assisted by: Avery Baker, Educational Leadership Consultant and Cody Sallee, Educational Leadership Consultant

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia

Size of campus (undergraduates): 6,285

Mascot: The Griffin

Fun Fact: The College of William & Mary was the first institution to become a university in America (chartered in 1693).

What our staff has to say: “I am most looking forward to working with the caliber of student that the College of William & Mary has to offer. Cody, Avery, and I will be identifying the students who want to be a part of a new fraternity on campus; students who want to be leaders and have the chance to shape their unique fraternal experience. On expansion, we plant the seed for the future of Lambda Chi Alpha. I cannot think of a more rewarding project to be a part of during my time on the road!”-Jonathan Gottwald

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