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Five Reasons You Should Be Using Your Newest Members to Help Your Chapter Recruit 

By Chris Buck | Associate Director of Expansion

As we get further into the fall term many of you have been doing a great job recruiting great men to join Lambda Chi Alpha. You have many guys accepting bids and are holding Associate Member Ceremonies to formally induct them into our organization. You may be thinking this is a great time to wrap up recruitment until next year. This is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. This is the time to utilize the the chapter/colony’s new members to push your recruitment efforts to the next level. You can do this by utilizing your newest members to rejuvenate your prospect pool and identify more top-notch candidates to bring into Lambda Chi Alpha. Here’s the top 5 reasons you should be using your newest members to help you recruit.

They Are the Most Excited Members in the Chapter/Colony

Do you remember when you accepted your bid? I guarantee you were extremely pumped and ready to take on being a member of Lambda Chi Alpha; and you wanted to do it all at once. Well, our newest members are feeling the same way. They are proud to have joined and can’t wait to tell everyone about; so let them. Host a recruitment workshop after an Associate Member Ceremony to show our newest Associate Members how and remind our initiated members the best ways to recruit.

They Usually Have Access to Other College Men 

Just like you, our newest members are connected. They probably still live in residence halls, have large general education lectures, and maybe even know some guys from high school. All you have to do is ask all the newest men, “who would you like to see in our chapter?” This gives them the ownership of determining who they feel is a good fit and it gives you all more leads on potential members.

They Can Easily Relate to Potential Members 

Talking with someone who has been in the chapter/colony may be intimidating to some potential members. You’re comfortable in your fraternity experience and know all the in’s and out’s. Having a guy who just joined talk with a potential member can be a great tactic to ease any concerns. They will be able to more easily relate to the guy who just joined than with someone who has been in for a while. Encourage any new members to be candid about how their Lambda Chi Alpha experience has been up to this point, why they joined, why they still love being in the organization.

They Learn How to Do It Right

Recruitment takes skill, knowing the effective techniques, and most of all knowing Lambda Chi Alpha. For many of our new members, the concept of recruitment is foreign. By including them in the process right from the start, they get hands-on experience, learn from seasoned brothers, and get comfortable sharing Lambda Chi Alpha. By making the conscious effort to include them from day one, you are setting up the chapter/colony for success in the future; some of these men will likely be High Delta or a member who plays a big role in recruiting. So it’s our duty to show them how by giving them examples, practices, and by modeling the way.

It Helps Build Brotherhood among All Members

Recruitment is one of the most challenge and rewarding components of the Lambda Chi Alpha experience. You learn much about building relationships, handling rejection, and working tirelessly to ensure the longevity of the fraternity; it’s also a ton of fun. Including our newest members into the recruitment process allows to get to know older members, learning their Lambda Chi Alpha story, and see why others are proud to call the organization proud. By taking our new members along for the recruitment ride, they are being shown why the made one of the best decisions of their lives.

Most importantly remember it is not solely the responsibility of our newest and Associate Members to recruit for the chapter. It is our responsibilities as brothers to stand along side them and show them how. A chapter that recruits together, grows together and a chapter that grows together, thrives together.

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