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5 places you should be looking for potential members

By Chris Buck | Associate Director of Expansion

As you begin getting further into the term, you may be thinking that you have turned over every stone to find men to recruit to Lambda Chi Alpha. Here are 5 places that most chapters and colonies don’t spend enough time or effort looking for potential new members.


Your classes are one of the best places to find potential members. You should challenge yourself to sit next to a new guy each week to attempt to get to know him. You may find that Lambda Chi Alpha would be a great fit for him and if not, you found yourself someone to study with.

Other Clubs

Most campuses are home to a wide variety of student organizations and clubs. These organizations require leaders and these leaders may be an ideal candidate for Lambda Chi Alpha. You should strive to attend some of these organization’s meetings to see what they are all about and to determine if there are any of there members that belong in Lambda Chi Alpha.

Honor Program

Your campus’ honor program is reserved for the best and brightest of your campus. As an organization that values scholastic success, this should be an obvious place to find potential members. If you can work with those overseeing the program to plan an event, offer an academic scholarship, or just get contact information this can really up the caliber of men joining your chapter.

Dining Halls

Have you ever just walked up to a random guy and the dining hall and asked if you could join him for lunch? Well if not, you should try it. Recruitment is all about getting outside of your comfort zone and establishing relationships with those around you. Next time you’re grabbing lunch at a dining hall sit with someone new or invite a guy you notice sitting alone to join you and your brothers for lunch.

High School Guidance Counselors

Many of you may have gone to high school with others that are attending your school. If so, there is probably a good chance that others will be joining you from your hometown this year. You can easily contact your high school guidance counselor and ask if they know of any men who they consider leaders that are attending your university this year and the best way to contact them.

This article is part of a fall series to share recruitment ideas, best practices, and to highlight the success our members see this term. If your chapter is succeeding at recruiting or doing something unique, let us know so that we can share it with our entire brotherhood.

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