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A Plunge for a Purpose


Normally, jumping into a frigid pool of water would be less than ideal; in fact, some people might label you as out of your mind.  The men of the Phi-Theta chapter at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro were happy to take the plunge, though.

On Feb. 25, the UNC-Greensboro chapter partnered with Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri Sigma) sorority for the 2017 Polar Plunge (aptly titled “Freezin’ for a Reason”). Proceeds from the event benefitted the North Carolina Special Olympics.

Though the day was meant to be a celebration of the money raised, the plunge was bittersweet for both Greek organizations.

“This year we did the Polar Plunge with Tri Sigma, and one of their sisters who had signed up to jump with us, her name is Nora Hill,  recently passed away,” said Dalton Meyer, High Theta of the Phi-Theta chapter.  “Due to this, we decided to make our whole team in remembrance of Nora Hill, and so every time someone is jumping and every dollar we raise is actually in her memory.”

So with Nora’s memory in their hearts and their best 80’s inspired costumes, it was time to jump.

“The experience of jumping into a freezing cold pool, it’s very interesting and it’s different than anything you’ve experienced,”relayed Meyer.  “The first second is just shock, you don’t really know what’s going on, and then you immediately want to get out so you run as quickly as you can to the nearest ladder.”

This year, the chapter was able to raise 1700 dollars for the Special Olympics. According to Meyer, the cause is one that the brothers hold very dearly.

“We do have some brothers whose siblings actually participate in the Special Olympics, so in this way the cause kind of hits home a little bit more because you realize you are helping brothers and their families,” said Meyer.

Polar Plunge is just one of many philanthropic events for Phi-Theta, all part of the idea of giving back to the community that is bigger than any one fraternity brother. The chapter is looking forward to their Puppy Sit event, a chance to give back to local animal shelters, as well as their spring Watermelon Bust at the end of April.  This event will be the first time the members have ever done an event on this scale in the spring.

The men of the Phi-Theta chapter have quickly become leaders in their community, the Polar Plunge just one example of this bond between both Greek and non-Greek organizations.

“I’m extraordinarily proud of these men for not only raising funds for the Special Olympics,” said Taylor Krivas, Phi-Theta’s ELC, “but also supporting a member of such a tight-knit Greek community.”