ASU chapter contribute to surprise trip for university dining-hall employee

Our Zeta-Psi Zeta at Arizona State University was recently featured in a local Tempe news story when the students surprised  dining-hall employee with a trip of a lifetime.

Vicke Davis, 59, is something of a celebrity among students at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University…

As an employee in the college’s dining hall in Tempe for the last three years, Davis has asked about the students’ lives before every breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And because she cares, she remembers their answers. She knows if they’re a freshman or senior, how their classes are going, where they went on vacation…

One chilly fall day last semester, junior Quintin Woods handed Davis his meal card to buy lunch and, as she swiped it, asked about her “dream trip.”

Without hesitation, she replied “the Northern Lights,” the bands of light that appear in the sky at night, especially in arctic regions. She heard that if you sing or whistle, the colorful streaks will dance with you.

On Thursday afternoon, Woods and about 100 students rushed Davis’ cash register to surprise her with an oversize check for nearly $2,500, printed on an image of the blues, pinks and greens of the Aurora Borealis.

As Woods handed her the check and a camera to document her travels, Davis began to cry. (Via The Arizona Republic)

Our brothers at Arizona State University were able to donate $250 of the $2,500 raised as part of a Kickstarter fund in Davis’ benefit.

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