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Chapter News & Omegas: May 2018

The following are the submissions received for May 2018.

To submit Chapter News and Omegas, please email editor@lambdachi.org. Undergraduate officers can also report updates on their chapter by logging on to LCAOne/Officer Portal and accessing the “Submit Chapter News” form. If you cannot find news from your chapter, then no information has been submitted for this month.

Akron (Gamma-Alpha)

Charles J. “Coach” Abramski Jr. (1957) died May 12, 2018.

Roxy Quatraro (1950) died May 19, 2018. .

Alabama (Alpha-Phi)

Don R. Anderson died.

Joseph D. Tommie (1951) died April 2, 2018.

Alfred (Kappa-Sigma)

William J. McDonough died April 14, 2018. He received a doctorate degree from Lehigh University and served in the Navy Reserves. He spent years working as a scientist for the federal government at the Naval Research Lab. He also held other technical positions within the government and private industry and finished off his career teaching high school science in Virginia.

Arizona State (Zeta-Psi)

David A. Harcum died Feb. 7, 2018.

Arkansas State (Iota-Theta)

John H. Morris (1976) died Jan. 12, 2018.

Auburn (Omega)

James E. Naftel (1948) died April 7, 2018.

Drexel (Epsilon-Kappa)

On May 12. the chapter held its annual alumni meeting and awards banquet at the chapter house. The evening consisted of an unveiling ceremony of the Philadelphia Historical Plaque, a graduation ceremony for eight seniors, elections, and distribution of the annual awards.



Ball State (Iota-Alpha)

Dr. David A. Dick (1958) died.

California-Berkeley (Mu)

Thomas J. Mattis (1953) died March 8, 2018.

Eastern Michigan (Sigma-Kappa)

Nearly 100 alumni brothers attended the chapter’s 41st annual canoe trip.  .

Patrick M. Kendall (1995) died May 2, 2018.




Georgia (Nu)

Lawrence H. Certain (1974) died April 21, 2018.

Georgia Tech (Beta-Kappa)

Fred A. Preddy Jr. (1959) died July 23, 2017.

Illinois (Chi)

Carlton Wood (1973) died.

Indiana State (Iota-Epsilon)

James A. Landis (1963) died May 22, 2018.

Iowa Weslayan (Theta-Iota)

Frank H. Wagner (1944) died April 20, 2018. He farmed near Danville for most of his adult life. Prior to farming, he was a teacher and coach at Corydon and Olds. He also worked at the Iowa Ordinance Plant and was a substitute mail carrier for 30 years. He served as councilman and mayor of Danville.

Kansas (Zeta-Iota)

The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for Akshay Pandey. The chapter hosted a senior send off for three graduating seniors.




Kutztown (Sigma-Gamma)

In April, the Alumni Association held its 13th annual golf tournament at the Berkleigh Golf Club in Kutztown. This year’s tournament was the largest ever, with 72 participants. The event raised more than $10,000, with proceeds going to the Robert McMullen Memorial Scholarship. Named for former chapter advisor Bob McMullen, the scholarship was established to annually recognize and award the undergraduate brother who best exemplifies the fraternity’s ideals, excels academically and through service to his community, and has a financial need.

On April 21, the  Alumni Association hosted its inaugural Spring Alumni Day. The event was filled with events on campus, and designed for students, faculty, alumni, and their families. The culmination of the event was the alumni association’s awarding of the Outstanding Recognition Citations to alumni and friends who have made important and long-standing contributions to their community. Three of the six recipients of this year’s awards were Lambda Chi Alpha alumni: Salvatore Panto, Mayor of Easton, PA; Michael Kelly, principal of Eyer Middle School; and Dr. Donald Moyer, DO, pediatrician.

Louisiana State (Upsilon)

Harvey D. Smith (1965) died Dec. 30, 2015

Louisiana Tech (Theta-Psi) 

George McLendon (1944) died .

Louisville (Zeta-Sigma)

Arthur N. Henson died Nov. 16, 2017.

Maryland-College Park (Epsilon-Pi)

Dean E. Fazenbaker (1959) died May 14, 2018.

Massachusetts (Gamma)

Peter S. Schragle (1977) died Sept. 1, 2017.

Memphis State (Zeta-Theta)

Stephen R. Parker (1973) died July 29, 2013.

Miami-OH (Zeta-Upsilon)

Marvin B. Sackett (1963) died Jan. 26, 2011.

Missouri Science and Technology (Alpha-Delta)

This summer, Blakely Mayhall will be working with Underwriters Laboratories as a mechanical engineering intern. Patrick Coday will be doing engineering research and development with True Manufacturing as a co-op. Chris Sheffield will be working with the Farnsworth group. Brendan Cunningham is taking a job with Stoller Newport News Nuclear as a test ops engineer in Newport News, VA. Eric Willard has an internship with NCIS. Ryan Ripper has an internship with Ameren. Kyle Barton has an internship with Nortek Global HVAC. Evan Green is working with Dr. Kinzel here at MST on printing glass.

Bob Berry (1972) published two books: “Crossings: War Memories of Major Jerome T. Berry and the 19th Engineer Regiment (Combat) in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, 1940 – 1945” – about his father in World War II and “Mud, Blood and Strawberries: The Illustrated Diary of Corporal Walter L. Strawhun, 1st Division, American Expeditionary” about his grandfather in World War I.

Matthew Dorsey was one of 75 Americans selected to participate in the 2018-2019 Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) for Young Professionals, a year-long fellowship for study and work in Germany. CBYX for Young Professionals provides opportunities for youth to collaborate, interact with new people and new ideas, and, ultimately, to become better global citizens and better leaders.

Arthur R. Meenen (1946) died April 25, 2018.

Montana State – Bozeman (Epsilon-Delta)

Kenneth Norick (1956) died April 27, 2018.

New York (Theta-Upsilon)

Congratulations to the chapter’s graduating seniors.





North Carolina State (Gamma-Upsilon)

Frank W. Rhoads (1956) died April 30, 2013.

North Dakota (Epsilon-Zeta)

Loren Anderson (1962) died.

Northern Michigan (Lambda-Upsilon)

William G. Schultz (1971) died.

Oklahoma (Gamma-Rho)

Stuart A. Capers (1959) died April 27, 2018.

Oklahoma State (Alpha-Eta)

Billy G. Bockius (1957) died April 29, 2018.

Don D. Vance (1960) died May 23, 2018.

Pittsburg State (Lambda-Chi)

The chapter won the Fraternity of the Year Award for the sixth year. They also received the highest GPA award for fraternities and excellence in community service and philanthropy.




Richmond (Alpha-Chi)

On May 10, the chapter celebrated its 100th anniversary at our school. The chapter also received official recognition for Lambda Chi Alpha day in Virginia, signed by Gov. Ralph Northam. To celebrate this milestone, the chapter will be hosting a centennial celebration on Nov. 2-3. For more specific information, visit the chapter’s Facebook page.



Shippensburg (Phi-Tau)

On May 16, the chapter adopted the first mile of the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail. The chapter was given the first mile of the 11 mile trail that runs on the former track of the abandoned Cumberland Valley Railroad. The chapter has agreed to maintain the trail section that runs parallel to the campus.

Simpson (Theta-Lambda)

John N. Dunlap died Jan. 30, 2018.

South Carolina (Epsilon-Psi)

Dr. Franklin B. Hines died Aug. 17, 2017.

South Dakota (Alpha-Gamma)

James L. Bach (1973) died March 27, 2018.

South Dakota State (Lambda-Theta)

The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for four associate members. This was the first actual initiation ritual performed by the members of Lambda Theta since its recolonization.




Southeast Missouri State (Delta Phi) 

During the spring semester, the chapter conducted three Initiation Ritual Exemplifications, one for themselves and the colonies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Vanderbilt University.

Tennessee-Chattanooga (Zeta-Phi)

Michael Irwin died.

Tennessee-Knoxville (Epsilon-Omicron)

John Marsh died.

Texas-Austin (Alpha-Mu)

John W. Goodman died May 8, 2018.

Texas A&M Kingsville (Beta-Epsilon)

Thomas E. Cody (1977) died March 17, 2018


On May 4, chapter members participated in Relay for Life and raised $500.

Valparaiso (Iota-Sigma)

The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for 12 associate members. Six chapter members graduated. Ben Ganswindt is studying abroad in Europe next semester and our former Rho, Matthew Stutzman is spending a year in the military. Gabe Martinez, Max Shiller, Rod Serrano, and Raymond Pollalis were selected  Freshman Orientation assistants. Max Shiller, Nate Weber, Matthew Stutzman, Garret Gilmartin, and Marcus Clark worked as resident assistants during the last year.


Wake Forest (Theta-Tau)

Carey Hunter (1956) died April 28, 2018.

Washington (Alpha-Psi)

Richard L. Eckberg (1949) died April 6, 2018.

Western Kentucky (Lambda-Lambda)

Scott S. Wilson (1980) died.

West Virginia (Iota-Lambda)

Russell E. Thoburn (1953) died May 17, 2018.

William Jewell (Epsilon-Nu)

Recent graduate Rylan Schuster is working as an accountant a construction firm and Jacob Pheiffer began a job in the Kansas City music industry. Aaron Brake and Jon Morris are attending graduate school and Dylan Jones plans to go to George Mason University to earn a master’s degree in history. Former chapter President Trey Allison will be returning in the fall to be the chapter’s house manager while attending graduate school.

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