Day of Giving – An Update from Josh Lodolo


Yesterday, brothers and friends made Lambda Chi Alpha’s inaugural Day of Giving a success.  On behalf of our members who will benefit from yesterday’s generous philanthropy, thank you!

Our Day of Giving was successful for a number of reasons, and a big factor is the volunteers and ambassadors who helped spread the word.  At the end of the day, 458 individuals contributed, unlocking $40,000 in challenge gifts, for a total of $97,964. WOW! 

These dollars will be put to use immediately, funding leadership programming like the High Alpha Summit and Stead Leadership Seminar, and alumni training through the Neville Advisors College. We will also be able to fund additional scholarships for undergraduate financial need, academic excellence, and leadership programming.


I would like to extend a special thank you to our donors who funded the challenge:


day-of-giving-logoGreg Castanias – Wabash

Karl Krapek – Kettering

Drew Lynch – Texas State

Fletcher McElreath – Mercer

Chris Meyer – Akron

Mike Odell – Denver

Jerre Stead – Coe

Mark Templeton – North Carolina State

Lou Tharp – Butler

Clint Wheelock – Washington & Lee


On behalf of the Grand High Zeta, the Foundation Board of Directors, the professional staff, and our 11,000 undergraduates, thank you for supporting the future of Lambda Chi Alpha.


Sincerely yours in ZAX,





Josh Lodolo

CEO, Educational Foundation