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First, ask for advice

Could you have gotten through school without the help of your teachers? Hands down, no. Similarly, you can’t get through life without the counsel of others. In times of change, adversity or reflection, many people turn to a professional counselor to sort out their thoughts in a constructive way.

While professional help is always a positive thing, looking toward the ones in your contact list can be a huge asset as well. Professors or experts in your field can offer valuable insight taken from their experience. These people have likely been through a similar situation and have the insight to consider long-term solutions.

Actively listen

In order to deliver objective information, as mentioned above, it requires the leverage of hearing each party. If your chapter or team is making decisions that you do not necessarily agree with, listen to the people it affects. You can gain insight about the length that decision goes and if it will realistically work.

On the flip side of that argument, listening to others can provide clarity that the right decision might be the one that isn’t popular. For example: increasing the price of due requirements is going to ruffle some feathers no matter what. However, doing that may be necessary in order to keep operations moving smoothly. As an active listener, understand how to hear each party’s concerns in a non-judgmental way.

Show maturity

Have you ever had a leader show a complete lack of emotional or social maturity? It makes the whole operation seem like a joke and, ultimately, crumble under the inconsistent leadership. Not only does it make the leader look bad, but makes their followers leave over time due to a lack of respect.

Having maturity doesn’t come in one day, it takes time to cultivate. This tip is mainly to emphasize that maturity and self-awareness work hand in hand. Being able to look at your own actions objectively makes for a better leader in all aspects. Consider writing down what you’re short and long-term plans are to visually get a feel for what is ahead.

Have kindness

The popular phrase, “it costs zero dollars to be kind” applies perfectly in leadership. Although some companies operate on the high stake’s adrenaline of fear, we run things differently at IHQ. Speaking with kindness and compassion has proved a positive work environment and work ethic. That is not to say that we should not hold people accountable to their actions, but to seek the root of why negative outcomes are happening.

At the end of the day, we are all doing our best. Sometimes outside factors affect your job performance and it is helpful to have someone work alongside you to fix the issue happening inside of the walls of the office. Having the awareness to understand that people need to be treated with respect goes a long way when establishing yourself as a leader.

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