Educational Leadership Consultant Position Open for Applications

Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to travel North America following graduation? The Educational Leadership Consultant position is for you!

The Educational Leadership Consultant position is one of the finest examples of servant leadership and a boundless opportunity for recent graduates to interact and mentor undergraduate brothers, chapters, and colonies across North America. With significant job training, a focus on interpersonal dynamics, and personal growth and development, the Lambda Chi Alpha ELC is recognized as one of the top young professionals in the field of higher education.

““There will be no job that will better prepare you for the professional world,” said former ELC, Matt Getz (1991-1993). “There is nothing that will surprise you, you see it all in two years; it is the one job that has prepared me for every job I’ve had since then.”

The ELC position is open for the upcoming 2018-2019 year to all graduating brothers or alumni members who have recently graduated. The position is set to start on June 1, 2018.

Applications for the position will be accepted until the position is filled or by June 1,2018. Applications can be completed by clicking here.

All questions about the position should be directed to Associate Director of Chapter Services, Chris Pockette at cpockette@lambdachi.org.

To learn more about the position and what other ELCs have said, click here.

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