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ELCs Return From Successful Semester, Share Favorite Moments From the Road

Our ELCs are back in Indianapolis after a great semester out on the road.  We were able to catch up with some of them to hear their stories:

Taylor Krivas


“I think one of the best highlights was seeing what we had talked about with chapters the previous semester and what those chapters brought into the following semester.  Working with groups repeatedly was really cool, and it was cool to see what they brought from one semester to the next to improve on different operations.”








Alex Martens


“One of my favorite highlights on the road was going to seven different state capitals while on the road. It was really cool to see local government in each of the different states, ranging from South Carolina to Kansas.”






Zac Bell


“One of my favorite memories from the road was when I was at Wisconsin-La Crosse when I was doing an expansion.  It’s one of the most beautiful college campuses you will ever go to, because it is in the Mississippi River Valley, and it is just covered in beautiful mountain scenery.  We took advantage of that a lot by going hiking.  One of those times, we had a brotherhood event with all of the brothers in the colony, and so they came on the hike with us and when we got to the top, it was just really rewarding to see everyone up there as a team, and it was just a great day.”



Dylan Bateman


“The University of Washington needed a sixth man for Alpha Omicron Pi’s volleyball tournament, so they asked me to help out the team.  I got to play and helped them beat a rival fraternity in three sets, so that was fun.”









Nick Kobernik 


“My favorite experience on the road was definitely going to New York City and working with the NYU chapter.  While I was in New York, I took some time off and explored the city (I had never been there before).  After that, I went and visited the chapter, and they wanted me to experience the city as a local,  so they started showing me the place, and at one point they put me in a convertible and drove me around Manhattan.”





Nick Gafron

“Everywhere I went, I tried to find my favorite food place that I can go back to whenever I return.  My two favorite places were at my expansions at Buffalo and Johnson & Wales.  In Buffalo, we went to the place where they created the buffalo wing.  I’m also a huge grilled cheese fan, and there is a Lambda Chi Alpha-owned grilled cheese shop near Johnson & Wales, called UMelt. I met the owner, and he bought me lunch.”









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