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Recently, the Delta-Psi chapter at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) secured its spot among the top fundraising organizations on campus for the B+ Foundation. When the fundraiser was brought to the chapter members’ attention by Evan Brown and Aidan Clark, they all knew they had an important part to play.

At the heart of its mission, the B+ Foundation is all about serving sick children and their families. Through funds raised from organizations such as Lambda Chi, cutting-edge childhood cancer research is possible. The funds also aid families who might not be able to afford treatment or travel costs.

Brown and Clark acted as team leaders for their chapter, pushing each member to raise more than they could have imagined. The school’s goal was to raise $30,000 for the Foundation, and the members of Delta-Psi contributed over $8,000 of the total $45,000 raised.

Sophomores Griffin Pickett and Wyatt Gold took their fundraising to the next level, earning themselves the titles of top fundraisers across any organization. Pickett and Gold contributed over $1,500 each.

“I can’t even describe the feeling,” said Pickett. “I have family and friends who suffer from cancer, so being able to help out in any way possible is super fulfilling.”

The efforts of Pickett and Gold helped push the chapter $5,000 ahead of the next closest organization.

Gold was especially excited about his chapter’s success. As a recent Texas Christian University (TCU) transfer, Gold says that he is looking forward to the many philanthropy events to come during his time at LMU to continue his service journey he started in Texas.

“Coming from TCU, it gave me a lot of good ideas that I could bring here [LMU], and the chapter here has a lot of great ideas, so we were able to collaborate,” said Gold. “With this fundraiser, it was exciting to see how everyone was so willing to drop what they were doing and get after it.”

Riding on the success of this fundraiser, the brothers are looking forward to the next philanthropy event where they can make an impact.

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