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From age three, Jeffrey Reimel was hooked on wrestling. You could even say that it was a family affair, having watched both brothers wrestle and being involved with his dad’s local youth organization. For Reimel, the test of physical strength and structure each match provided as he grew up was something he knew he would not want to trade for anything.

“I fell in love with the sport at age three and haven’t looked back,” said Reimel. “I have been doing the sport I love for about 20 years now.”

When it was time for Reimel to start looking for colleges, he knew without a doubt that wrestling would influence his decision. Reimel first started his collegiate career at Delaware Valley University on a wrestling scholarship. He soon found, though, that it was not quite the fit he was searching for. After consulting with family, Reimel began looking at Kutztown University and fell in love.

Reimel went into the NCAA tournament last year unranked and took down several top-ranked seeds to place fifth. Photo courtesy of Jeff Reimel.

“I first found out about Kutztown from my sister, who also went there and cheered,” recalled Reimel. “I was always visiting and realized I loved the campus every time I went.

“Kutztown wrestling gave me a scholarship so that was another reason I chose the university, and I am so happy to call this university my home; it is the most amazing and beautiful campus.”

Reimel soon found his place on campus and thrived. Deciding to major in sports management with a minor in coaching, Reimel immersed himself with his passion for the sports world. After making the decision to transfer to Kutztown, Reimel was redshirted. During this time, Reimel found his second passion: Lambda Chi Alpha.

“Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity is a well-rounded fraternity that is a top fraternity around the world,” said Reimel. “They are very diverse and a true brotherhood…they actually care and change you for the better.

“I’m happy to call the 57 other men my brothers and best friends.”

It is through the support of his brothers that Kutztown has become home to Reimel and his wrestling career has flourished. While it can be difficult sometimes to balance the two time-consuming endeavors, Reimel says that the learning opportunities which have come from each experience have been priceless.

“Balancing the fraternity and wrestling is really hard, but with help from the brothers and having a good work ethic and dedication to getting all my studies done, helps me,” said Reimel.

Now a senior, Reimel is currently ranked number one in the country in NCAA Division II wrestling at the 184 weight class and has battled his way to a 14-0 record. Some of his best memories come from wrestling. One such memory Reimel recalls is jumping into his coach’s arms after winning his regional semifinal match and securing a spot to the NCAA National Championship Tournament. Reimel is hungry for a title this year and has a very good shot of accomplishing that.

Through all of the ups and downs through academics and wrestling, though, Reimel says his brothers have been a rock for him.

“They are always dedicated to my sport and always show when I have an event, which is very special,” said Reimel.  “Just imagine 57 brothers in the stands cheering for you, it’s the craziest feeling ever.”

As Reimel continues his campaign for a national title, he knows that no matter the outcome, he will always have his brothers.

“Overall, they are everything you can ask for in a fraternity and brotherhood,” said Reimel. “If you are going through something at home, personal, or something to do with school or athletics, they are right there in a heart beat, and it’s pretty amazing.”

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