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Life on the Road: What Makes a Quality Consultant?

Interviews are underway and Lambda Chi Alpha is on the hunt for its next group of exceptional young Educational Leadership Consultants and Recruitment Specialists.

But what makes someone a good ELC or recruitment specialist?

We asked those who know best — our current consultants.

A few of them shared their best piece of advice for newcomers, as well as what they have learned about themselves or cherished most during their time on the road.

Being a consultant is a tedious job, but it is also a unique opportunity to learn, grow as an individual and travel the country.

Advice: “In order to be a successful ELC, you need to find a balance. What I mean by that is to make sure you take time to explore the area you are in, crack open a good book, exercise, eat a cheat meal, etc. Honestly, whatever will help make you happy. While we are there to do a job and we travel consistently for that purpose, you also need to take advantage of being in a new part of the country.”

“I have learned that how you present ideas and processes requires a lot of tact, and getting straight to the point is not always the best way (though it also may be). So I guess knowing your audience and being able to cater to their learning style has been a huge learning opportunity for me and a skill I have further developed in this job.”

—Taylor Krivas, ELC

Advice: “Never be shocked by what you hear on the road. Expect the worst so that you are pleasantly surprised.”

I have cherished the social independence and social skills I’ve gained on the road.”

—Nick Gafron, ELC

“I have cherished most what Lambda Chi can do on a campus to help a community, and ways it can help members make themselves better. So many of our chapters do amazing things on a campus, whether it be volunteering at an after-school program with kids, or helping pick potatoes to donate to the local food bank. There are truly great members in our organization that represent Lambda Chi in such great ways. The number of chapters that offer an experience for college men to develop themselves professionally and personally is amazing. I cherish working with great minds and great student leaders I can also call brothers.”

—Alex Martens, ELC