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Part of accepting the call to the brotherhood means understanding where we come from. Lambda Chi Alpha is based upon Christian ideals that are woven in the ritual and netted in the values. They are the foundation to what makes members men of honor and integrity. JB Glass is a figure in the organization who has exemplified this tradition beautifully. Based on his words and actions, he shares his wisdom regarding an important part of our history.

  1. How is this piece integrated in the Lambda Chi Alpha experience from the moment a member join to an alumnus status?

If you look at the Cross & Crescent, it is the everlasting symbol that represents Christian values. The crescent is pure, high and ever growing while the cross is our guide through service and sacrifice. Through every moment as an associate member and alumnus, the cross and crescent reminds brothers of where their values rest.

  1. What are some misconceptions about this part of our Fraternity?

Many people believe that the Christian ideals of Lambda Chi Alpha requires its member to be men of the same faith. We accept men of all religions and do not discriminate dependent on creed. The Christian ideals are, simply, a guide for the way a man of honor should live. One of service, accountability and integrity is the ideal member, and the values represent that. Living as a role model for others has nothing to a religious affiliation, but everything to do with the actions of a honorable man.

**There are organizations that are built on the Jewish faith and allow their members to be a part of their brotherhood. We cannot speak on behalf of the actions and regulations from them and can only speak on behalf of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and its guidelines.

  1. How can we, as an organization, make this concept for well-known and appreciated?

Begin doing research about the history of Lambda Chi Alpha and Greek Life as a whole. Understanding where we come from will provide insight into why certain regulations are in place. Integrating it into our daily conversations about the operations of a chapter can add a whole new outlook into the way it is run. Knowing that each and every move we made represents the General Fraternity, basing actions on wholesome ideals makes for a successfully run chapter.  

It is not only alumnus members involved in the preservation of the spiritual aspect of the Fraternity, but undergraduates as well. Jacob McCool (Beta-Delta, ’19) felt that it was his Duty to invite his Brothers and Sisters into his faith journey within the walls of Edinboro University.

As the tale is traditionally told, Jacob McCool (Beta-Delta, ‘19) had no interest in being a part of a Fraternity. He did not want to be involved in the harmful behavior that fraternal organizations hold a reputation for. After walking in the LCA house at Edinboro University, he was hooked on the culture shift upon opening the doors. He was ready to make a difference.

He quickly became dedicated toward encouraging his brothers to be the men of values their oath expects them to be. He went through his first year of memberships knowing that this was going to be a big part of his life, but he didn’t know exactly how. During the summer months, it became clear that his calling was bigger than just his chapter.

“I started a Greek Life Bible Study for all of Edinboro University in Fall 2017. One night, I woke up and I knew God was calling me to do more than just my Fraternity and have a Greek-wide bible study. If there is anything, I am most proud of, it is that” says McCool.

It grew to the point that individuals were ready to, “walk across the line of faith” and accept Jesus into their hearts through a baptism. In the Edinboro University pool, McCool and his coleader baptized seven Greek life members, five of them being Lambda Chi Alpha Brothers.

Now that McCool has graduated and continuing mission work in Turkey, he is passing the torch onto his grand little, Caleb Dankle (Beta-Delta);. Along with a chosen female coleader, Dankle; will continue McCool’s legacy through pastoring the next generation of Greek students at Edinboro University.

“Seeing what God did over the course of these last two years, it was evident that the Lords hand was at work. It was a place where we could gather together as Christians and learn about the Lord together. It was a place of reliance on the Lord” says McCool.

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