The Neville Advisor’s College Experience, According to Alumnus Tedd Clippinger

As a first time Neville Advisor’s College attendee, Tedd Clippinger was surprised how much he could finally contribute to the fraternity he loved. Clippinger was late to the Lambda Chi scene in college (joining as a junior), and had since been searching for ways to give back to the fraternity and foster the ever-important sense of leadership throughout the brotherhood.

“I have a very strong passion for leadership and leadership development,” said Clippinger. “I think it is a necessity in life if you want to become just the best person you can be and contribute to society and those around you.”

The University of North Carolina-Charlotte graduate was  introduced to the idea of aiding through alumni advising recently. He was asked to serve on the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) for the Chapel Hill chapter, an invitation to Neville soon following.

Throughout the weekend of the event in Indianapolis this past February, Clippinger was surrounded by brothers from across the nation and Canada, all with the same goal: keep building the strongest brotherhood possible.

In addition to sharing best practices, Clippinger’s Neville experience allowed him to explore ideas that had not crossed his mind for an even more successful chapter.

Clippinger attended his first Neville conference in February.

“It [Neville] opened my eyes to some other areas that I hadn’t been thinking about,” affirmed Clippinger. “Some of the speakers we had that weekend gave a really good sense of what the fraternity looks like now and what are the current issues that we face, what society looks like right now, and how our Greek perspective fits in and affects that.”

Clippinger developed a fresh taste of the fraternity, as he puts it, and become even more excited to serve on his AAB. He assures that as a first-year alumni advisor, the Neville experience was enriching and demonstrated the kind of change for good he could inspire with his undergraduate members.

On a broader scope, Clippinger said that what he learned through Neville can be applied to so many aspects of life, aside from life in the fraternity. He went on to explain how some lessons he took away from the conference has helped him in raising his 15-year-old son to become a successful young man.

Clippinger says that Neville has opened many doors for him and made it possible to continue giving back to his fraternity. But most of all, he confirms one thing: involved alumni advisors make for involved undergraduate members, something that will help the fraternity continue to thrive.

“For undergraduates, if they see an example that the alumni actually want to keep contributing to the fraternity and investing their time, I think that makes a huge difference to help them understand that it’s not just about the four years you’re in college or whatever time you are in Lambda Chi,” said Clippinger. “It is for a lifetime, and it is about growing to become your personal best, and what that means with leadership throughout your entire life.”

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