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“Ohana means family and family never gets left behind.” Family is not just those who share a bloodline, but those chosen to be invited into it. A Lifetime of True Brotherhood represents the ones who are chosen to become family. After all, Greek life is grounded in the idea of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. The oath said in unison connects honorable members to the ones who walk the line of dishonesty. It is those members who long for their brothers to challenge that behavior and make them better men.

It is one of the hardest jobs to have, being the one to confront the misconduct of a brother. Some have navigated decades of friendship while others have only one year under their belts. Those who graduated 50 years ago are equally as valid as those who did in May 2019. When individuals choose to continue their journey with Lambda Chi Alpha as a High Pi, their impact reaches new heights. They have the opportunity to challenge their brothers on a mentorship level rather than as peers.

That role comes with countless hours of meetings at the chapter house, some good and some bad. It demands attention to detail as time at the house is limited. Losing sleep because a member needs career advice during a breakdown at midnight is a part of the territory. Meeting with University advisors to talk about the chapter standing takes hours away from their full-time positions. Lastly, it’s talking with members parents when it’s necessary to protect the mental health of their son. High Pi’s aren’t just giving up their time, they are sacrificing their personal lives for those who come after them.

Each person who volunteers in that capacity is passionate about continuing the strong legacy that Lambda Chi Alpha has to offer. As one of the largest Fraternities in North America, the men   invited into the brotherhood are a direct reflection of what defines a Fraternity. The guidance of a High Pi is a continual reminder of the impact it has on the community at large. They offer a push in the right direction and oversee endless character building as undergraduate members navigate college life.

Lambda Chi Alpha preaches the importance of inviting men of honor and integrity into the brotherhood. They’re encouraged to live a life of growth, service and leadership using the tools the organization has designed. It is the High Pi who exemplifies those attributes to display for the undergraduate members. They have the opportunity to learn from someone with life experience and knowledge of the impact Lambda Chi Alpha can have. Through weddings, divorces, promotions and unemployment, the brotherhood continues until it is time to serve once again. Consider this an ode to the High Pi of each and every chapter in North America.

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