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Growing up in a creative household, Nick Drago always knew his heart belonged in the world of show business. His mother was an author, his father an abstract painter, and there was never an instance where they did not encourage him to try new things.

Drago recalls growing up with an affinity for sport and physical activity, but soon found his love for dance at a young age. At the time, dancing for males was still in its infancy, and Drago remembers more often than not being made fun of for his choices. But with the constant support from his parents and an undeniable talent, Drago persisted in dance.

Drago’s chapter brothers quickly became his family and have been with him every step of the way. Photo courtesy of Bonphotage.

As he matured, so too did his scope of dance. Drago studied everything from ballet to tap. At the age of 18, Drago landed his first job as a dancer in Los Angeles and secured an agent. He knew this was the life that was meant for him, and so the college search began to continue to hone his skills.

Drago and his parents looked at several schools close to their Houston home, but when they found Oklahoma City University, it was everything Drago had been searching for. The dance program offered a balanced mix of styles and techniques that would effectively prepare Drago to return to Los Angeles following graduation.

What Drago also found at Oklahoma City University which he did not even realize he was missing was the brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha. Now, more than a decade removed from his undergraduate days, Drago is adamant that Lambda Chi has been and still is a guiding force in his life.

“The support system from Lambda Chi Alpha has 100 percent helped me get to where I am today,” said Drago. “When I became an Associate, they told us these were going to be our brothers: these are going to be the guys that stand up with you at your wedding, these are going to be the guys with you at funerals of loved ones.

“Being an only child, I took that to heart.”

Drago is as passionate as one can be about Lambda Chi, saying that this brotherhood has helped him achieve his dreams of performing in Los Angeles and gave him a band of brothers he cherishes.

“I think Lambda Chi really set me up to be the man I am today,” said Drago. “That has been a long journey to get there, but the fraternity itself allowed me to start building those blocks.”

Drago performed in La La Land in the now famous opening dance number on the L.A. freeway. Photo courtesy of Nick Drago.

Following college, Drago moved back to Los Angeles and has been there ever since. As a dancer, Drago has worked with big names such as Rhianna, Jason Siegel, Neil Patrick Harris, and Emma Stone. He has worked on such shows as How I Met Your Mother and Goliath on Amazon, as well as movies such as La La Land and The Muppets.

When Drago is not on a job, he and his business partner are maintaining their dance workshop, Flow 40 Dance. An education-based business, the trained group of professionals   travel the country to teach at local dance studios.

Drago says the hardest part of his line of work is the unknown. One day there could be nothing, and then the next day on a set somewhere. But what makes each week frightening by not knowing what may happen is also the thrill of Drago’s job.

“The hardest part is the intangibles, and the most exciting part is also the intangibles,” said Drago.

Through the years, Drago has made a name for himself in the dancing community in Los Angeles, something he always dreamed about. He will always remember where he started, though, and the organization near and dear to his heart that has seen him through all of his ups and downs.

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