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Q&A: John Carroll Brothers Tell Us Why Service is so Important to Their Chapter

There are only about 20 men in the chapter at John Carroll University. But those 20 men are passionate, especially when it comes to service on campus, in their community and even abroad.

The Communications Team is working on a new LCA Made video about the chapter’s dedication to feeding the homeless in and around Cleveland, Ohio, that will go out next week. But while we were on John Carroll’s campus in University Heights, we asked a few of the guys some questions about their experience in the fraternity and their commitment to service.

What does being a Lambda Chi mean to you?

Alec Bryson, High Alpha: I think it means, definitely, improving yourself as a gentleman and growing in our seven core values, as well as learning how to develop your own beliefs and values and then strengthening those. It is also important to be a true brother, which means being there for your brothers whenever they need you.

Kyle Gateson, High Gamma: It’s about sharing common values with other guys. It’s great having several guys on your side at all times.

Erick English (High Theta): We’re all striving to meet the same kind of goals in life — to be a better person and influence the community in a positive way.

Why do you think service is such an important part of your chapter at John Carroll?

High Alpha Alec Bryson

Bryson: Really, we take after the Jesuit mission here in improving our community, not just in little ways but also in fighting for equality for those who really don’t have a voice. We’ve kind of taken that Jesuit identity and applied it well to our chapter. I think we’ve benefitted from what the Jesuit identity and the Lambda Chi Alpha values can do when they’re combined together.

Gateson: Service is really important to us because it gets us to go out in the community and experience things we haven’t really experienced and see things we haven’t really seen before. Plus, going out and helping the community together brings us all closer together.

English: It also makes you feel a little bit better about yourself, and it brings you together and shows you what brotherhood is all about. I think service to the community is something everybody should do.

Why did you want to be involved in Greek Life?

Bryson: When I came in, it was important for me to be a part of something bigger than myself. I also wanted a solid support group and to have friends that I could always turn to. From the beginning, I had good role models in the upperclassmen.

Gateson: To be able to have people I can go to for anything — guys who would always be down to hang out and help me with anything I might need help with.

English: Greek Life is kind of held to a different standard, so if you want to better yourself and the community around you, I would say the best way to do that is to join Greek Life.

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