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University of Idaho Brothers Sell Chai Lattes to Aid New Brother

It was new associate member Braden Unteidt’s turn to speak at chapter. The words that would tumble out of his mouth next would grab the attention of everyone in the Epsilon-Gamma chapter at the University of Idaho.

Braden’s mother had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and it was spreading.

Two Epsilon-Gamma members man the Lambda Chai Lattes table.

The other members knew at this moment  they had to take action, but the solution which they devised  would be unconventional: through an event named Lambda Chai Lattes, the chapter would sell chai lattes for a dollar, with all proceeds benefitting Braden’s mother.

Originally, the idea was concocted by the head of the chapter’s philanthropy committee, Ronald Wright. While at first the idea was met by a skeptical audience, it transformed into the perfect fundraiser to help their brother in a tough place.

“We kind of just put two and two together, and thought, ‘Well, we have all of the supplies and we have a cause to donate to, so why don’t we do it?’,” said Eric Anderson, philanthropy committee member.

And so the event went off without a hitch.

With an abundance of donated supplies from their house’s food company and alumni, the brothers set up shop Feb. 10 in the main square of Greek row.  For much of the day, students could stop by the table and purchase a chai latte for a dollar on their way to class.

What the brothers, along with Braden, did not expect, however, was how successful the fundraiser would be.  Over 400 dollars was raised, much to the surprise of everyone.

“Braden knew this was happening, but him and his mother, who we called afterwards, were not expecting 400 dollars,” said Anderson.  “They were so thrilled with it and we were so thrilled for them.”

When the fundraiser began, the brothers did not expect the outpour of support which they received.

After seeing the impact they had made on one of their newest members and his family, the members knew they had to continue putting on smaller fundraising events, each event meant to benefit Braden’s mother.

One thing was certain, though: Lambda Chai Lattes had done its job by bringing chapter members closer together.

“When we were standing up there on the street corner selling the Lambda Chai Lattes, a whole bunch of guys from the house were there, a whole bunch of friends of the house came out.” said Wright. “We all had a really great time standing around and talking to people who came to make donations.”

While the chapter is unsure if they will revisit the idea of Lambda Chai Lattes or what fundraising event will come next, they feel a new pride in helping a brother in need, taking comfort in the bond of brotherhood.