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While many chapters host philanthropy events benefiting Feeding America at their local food banks, the men of the University of South Dakota and South Dakota State University add their own personal touch.

On November 17 (the day the two schools played each other in football), the two chapters participated in their annual Football Run event, one that spans 50 years of tradition. Each year, members of the Alpha-Gamma and Lambda-Theta chapters meet at a halfway point to run the game football 134 miles to the respective stadium where the game is hosted each year.

Though the event is seeped in tradition and a unique event, the benefits for the community which come from the Football Run are endless. This year, between the combined efforts of each chapter, over 6000 dollars was raised for Feeding South Dakota (a branch of Feeding America).

The men of South Dakota State University during the annual Football Run.

“I think it’s just a really fun event in general because we are able to do something good for the community by giving money to Feeding South Dakota  and also raise awareness for Feeding South Dakota,” said Ross Bellefeuille, South Dakota High Theta.

Bellefeuille is now a junior at the University of South Dakota and says that the Football Run is one of his favorite events. Because he joined Lambda Chi at a later point than many others, he says that the camaraderie of the event was a way for him to  get to know his fellow brothers, something he is still thankful for to this day.

“It’s also a fun event because we are kind of stuck in a car with each other, so we get to communicate with the newer guys who come, so it’s also a time for us to get to know each other as brothers,” said Bellefeuille.

In addition to becoming closer with their own brothers, Bellefeuille says that their work with the men of South Dakota State University is a great reminder of the many chapters of Lambda Chi out there with a shared mission of good.

“I think it really does show the connection between the chapters, because a lot of times we get in the mindset that we are the only Lambda Chis or the only fraternities or sororities because that is what we are used to,” said Bellefeuille. “It’s a great reminder, this connection between other chapters and across the country.”

Spencer Bumby, High Theta of the Lambda-Theta chapter at South Dakota State University, has been coordinating this event for his chapter the past three years. According to Bumby, the event has always been a hit.

During the game, members were introduced on field.

“I think it’s really good for the community because you have the rare opportunity to see South Dakota and South Dakota State come together as one for a great cause,” said Bumby.

In the future, Bumby hopes that student involvement increases and the event continues to benefit the community.

“Service means being part of something bigger than yourself, that’s why philanthropy is such a big thing for us because we get to go out and serve our community, and this [Football Run] gives us a platform to do that,” said Bumby.

The men of Alpha-Gamma would like to thank their sponsors: Nelson and Nelson CPA, Stern Oil Company, Brad Fowler State Farm, Sanford Vermillion, Old Lumber Company, First Bank and Trust

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